Symple Field Force Management Application

Symple Field Force Management is the answer to your questions. It allow you to monitor your field reps activity, locations and see what the reps actually are on the field.

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Symple Mobile App

Mobility simplifies many field service processes such as data collection and expenses tracking. Symple help companies with large and widespread field forces to improve the efficiency of their employees and increase productivity. With our advance field force management features, Symple will help field reps to manage, optimize and increase operational efficiency and gain a better understanding of asset management, capture and access information more efficiently.

  • Activity Planning

  • Check in /out

  • Photo Capturing

  • Data Capturing

  • E-Signature

Symple Manager Modules

Businesses are becoming increasingly mobile. To manage employees in the field, businesses need to know what is happening in real time. Symple Field Force Management allow you to improve communication with your field force and increase productivity.

Streamlined work processes as well as enhanced customer service and loyalty with Symple Field Force Management.

  • Workforce whereabout

  • Photo management

  • Forms data management

  • Expenses Management

  • Performance analysis

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Symple Retail Operation App

Symple Retail Operation System help people do their jobs more efficiently and accurately. Symple takes existing processes and improve them, making them quicker, automated and more transparent. It lets you see at a glance what is happening from a retail operation perspective across your store portfolio, from high level to on the ground detail.

  • Broadcast and Communication

  • Store Visit Reporting

  • Store Opening and Closing

  • Operation Request Handling

  • Checklists and Store Rating

  • Store Profiles

  • Expenses Tracking

Symple for Logistics

Generate shipment tasks by importing from your Warehouse Management System or ERP system and let Symple auto assign it to respective drivers based on the area of the delivery address or based on customer account.

  • Real Time Location Tracking

  • Real Time Delivery Status Tracking

  • Geofenced Proof-of-Delivery

  • Ad-Hoc Job

  • Measure Performance of Drivers

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Symple for Service Management

Symple Field Force Management is the answer to your questions. It allows you to monitor your field reps activity, service engineers task, logistic progress and route. See what the reps actually see on the field.

  • Asset Management

  • Expenses Tracking

  • Workflow Configuration

  • Request Management