For Logistics


Delivery Order Integration

Generate shipment tasks by importing from your Warehouse Management System or ERP system and let Symple auto assign it to respective drivers based on the area of the delivery address or based on customer account.
Each tasks can have ETA being calculated so you can know which shipment is on time or late.


Real Time Location Tracking

Track the real time location of your drivers by using his smartphone only, there is no need of installing GPS device on the vehicle. Get notified if the driver stopped for over a period of time or didn't arrive on time.

Real Time Delivery Status Tracking

Option 1:
Get real time proof of delivery via Digital signature from recipient. You can also have the proof of delivery printed out for the recipient.

Real Time Delivery Status Tracking

Option 2:
Optionally, you can also let your driver scan a barcode on the shipment note to update the delivery status.

Real Time Delivery Status Tracking

Option 3:
If you require a proof of the signed off physical delivery orders, the driver can also snap a photo of the DO upon delivered and signed by the recipient.

Geofenced Proof-of-Delivery

Geofence the recipient's coordinate so your driver can only check-in and marked the shipment status as Delivered when he is within the perimeter of the delivery address.

Ad-Hoc Job

Have an ad-hoc job for your driver? No worries, just locate the nearest driver and push them the job, the driver will be notified and he will need to acknowledge receipt of the new job.

Measure Performance of Drivers

- Total jobs delivered per day/month
- Average duration per job
- Total job arrival on time/late