Symple Mobile App

Symple Field Force Management

Symple Field Force Management is the answer to your questions. It allows you to monitor your field reps activity, locations and see what the reps actually see on the field.

Single Customer View

  • Manage all your customer information from your smartphone

  • Create and update the account and contact info from mobile app

  • Allocate accounts to specific staff

  • Viewing history with customer including Activity

  • Request and Opportunity

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How it works

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Activity Plan

Setup a visit plan for your sales rep / site supervisor or allow your sales rep / site supervisor to plan their own activities. Measure their productivity by measure the targeted activity vs completed activities


Check In / Out


Activity will be tagged with GPS locations whenever your field rep checked-in to a meeting, sales presentation, site survey, inspection, delivery, etc.

Time taken

Measure productivity by tracking the duration taken to perform a task

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Data Capturing

Build customized forms to allow your field rep to
capture data.

  • Customer feedback forms

  • Site survey forms

  • Delivery report

  • Payment collection

  • Key handling form

  • Job application form

  • Campaign specific forms that only effective for a period of time


Photo Capturing

Enable Field Staff to take live photo during activity
via phone's camera

Regional Manager
  • Issue found during inspection

  • Images of before fix and after fix

Customer service
  • Acknowledgement form signed by customer

  • Proof of delivery document

  • Image of destination

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Using the electronic signature capture, your field reps gather electronic signatures from your clients on forms and orders.

This proof of service feature allows clients to confirm that a task has been completed, and enables you to get confirmation from your reps that they completed their jobs accordingly.

Post process allow system to send acknowledgement email to client as acknowledgement of acceptance.


Broadcast, Communication & File Library

Communicate effectively with the staffs via Symple Broadcast module. Where companies can post internal memo, policy, sales kit and procedures, training material in pdf, pptx or any file type
supported by the smartphone.

Staff can access and download files from File Library whenever is required such as customer request for catalog or brochures.

Support post access / view by different permissions set.

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Expenses Tracking

Allow the field staff to submit their expenses claim and let the manager approve online. Take away the hassle of having to validate each and every expenses as the expense will be tagged to the activity, time and location.

Field staff can snap receipts for expenses like toll, parking, meal, entertainment, purchases. Mileage will be calculated for them automatically with Google Maps service from their departure to arrival location.


Request Logging

Request Management is suited to handle all service request from one interface. Be it customers or staff, bringing all requests into one common system, prioritize and categorize based on the requirement for related department to manage them.

Configurable workflow to cater for each and every category for system automation

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Sales Opportunity Tracking

  • Track your sales pipeline from identifying a hot prospect to winning the deal.

  • You can create opportunities to define the value of the business manage pipelines and associated activity sets opportunity funnel stages and categories probability of winning and forecast close dates.


Online / Offline Support

Run the app with or without internet. Your field rep
can perform the activities without internet
connection and sync the data back to the server
when there is an internet connection proactively.

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