Symple Retail Operation App

Symple Retail Operation System help people do their jobs more efficiently and accurately. Symple takes existing processes and improve them, making them quicker, automated and more transparent. It lets you see at a glance what is happening from a retail operation perspective across your store portfolio, from high level to on the ground detail.

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Main Focus

Some of the main focus on Symple Retail Operation App

Make communication
more accessible,
easier and mobile

Make the lives of the store teams easier and ensure they can spend more time 'customer-facing' cut down on admin, data entry and time-wasting

More effective
on task management

Improve consistency across the board, from field team store visits through to in-store execution make it easier to find, share and 'roll-out' best practive.


How it works

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Broadcast and Communication

Communicate effectively with the staffs via Symple Broadcast module, where companies can post internal memo, policy and procedures, training material, current promotion and campaigns in pdf, ppt or any file type supported by the smartphone.

Store Visit Reporting

Automate your store visit reporting by allowing area managers or any staffs to perform check-in and check-out during visit to the stores. GPS coordinate will be captured to ensure that the staffs are really there during the visit.

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Store Opening and Closing

Monitor your store opening and closing time and get alerted when there is late opening of store or early closing.

Operation Request Handling

Capture and submit operation related request from the stores and automate the request assignment to respective departments to carr out task to fulfil the request. Example of operation related requests are Maintenance, IT, Human, Resource, Merchandise, etc.

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Checklists and Store Rating

Let area manager capture and fill in checklist such as new store opening checklist, store compliance checklist, routing checklist, store ratings, etc.

Store Profiles

Let your staffs know about your stores profile such as location, size, photos, staff size, so they have a better understanding of the whole organization.

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Expenses Tracking

Allow the field rep to submit their expenses claim and let the manager approve online. Take away the hassle of having to validate each and every expenses as the expenses will be tagged to the activity, time and location.

Field reps can snap receipts for expenses like toll, parking, meal, entertainment, purchases. Mileage will be calculated for them automatically with Google Maps from their departure to arrival location.