Symple Service Management

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how it works

Data Capturing
Data Capturing

Build customised forms to allow your field staff to capture data. You can build your company standard form such as : Job Sheet, Service Report, Customer Feedback Forms, Delivery Order, etc.

Planned Maintenance
Planned Maintenance

Proactive and more efficient use of manpower and other resources via pre-planned activities. Reminder ahead for organisation and customer before due for service.

Online/Offline Support
Online/Offline Support

Run the app with or without internet. Your field rep can perform the activities without internet connection and sync the data back to the server when there is an Internet.

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Single Customer View

  • Manage all your customer information from your smartphone.

  • Create and update the account and contact info from mobile device.

  • Account allocation to specific staff.

  • Overview history records by customer.


Asset Management

Manage information of client’s asset / service item

  • Serial Number

  • Warranty information

  • Service histories

  • Last service date

  • etc.

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Request Management

Request management system is suited to handle all your service requests from one interface. Be it customers or staff, bringing all requests into on common system, prioritize and categorize based on the requirement for your support agents to manage them.


Create new request


Route to respective departments or support person for further action


Person-in-charge carry out task and update status with check-in, photos, forms and resolve the request.


Requestor verify and update / closed

Check In / Out

Check-in / out

Activity will be tagged with GPS locations whenever your field staff checked-in to an activity, task, technical support, etc.

Time taken

Measure productivity by recording the duration taken to perform a task / activities

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Activity Management

Activity planned and assigned to your rep / field engineer. Rep / field engineer can access to task / activity via mobile anytime, anywhere.

Measure their productivity by measuring the targeted activities, vs completed activities, time consumed for task / activity, etc.

Broadcast and Communication

Communicate effectively with the staffs via Symple Broadcast module, where companies can post internal memo, policy and procedures, training material, current promotion and campaigns in pdf, ppt or any file type supported by the smartphone.

Workflow Configuration

With workflow configuration enabled , you will be able to automate the service request process with more efficient.

Example: you can create a workflow with a series of task and auto assigned to specific person which match their skill set.

Expenses Tracking

Allow the field rep to submit their expenses claim and let the manager approve online. Take away the hassle of having to validate each and every expenses as the expense will be tagged to the activity, time and location. Field reps can snap receipts for expenses like tol, parking, meal, entertainment, purchases. Mileage will be calculated for them automatically with Google maps from their departure to arrival location.


Using the electronic signature capture, your field staff gather electronics signature from clients on forms and orders.
This proof of service feature allows client to confirm that a task has been completed, and enables you to get confirmation from
your field staff that they completed their jobs correctly